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Icon Battle - Duke it out!

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All Members , Moderated

Welcome to Icon Battle! This community is mainly a place to have fun while making icons and being creative.

This comm is just for fun, it's not a competition, there's no voting and no winners. It's just fun to compare how your icons come out and try something new.
1.Post to the comm and provide six caps for iconning. When someone comments with six caps you like, comment back and let the battle begin!

2.You can also comment to someones post to accept a battle

3. If you'd like, comment to your partner with icons you've made as you make them so you can discuss them and give concrit if you want it. Once you've both made your icons, pick someone to post them to the comm.

4.If you've posted to your personal journals, please post a link to each separate post. You can use this template to make posting your icons easier:

5. Please tag all your posts with your username. For the results post, tag it with both your username and the username of the person you're battling.

6.Time limit is one week unless the creators discuss it and agree otherwise.